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About Email Chess

The Email Chess app is an email-based correspondence chess game. To start a game:

Your opponent will receive an email with a link to continue the game.

The final email of the game will include a PGN file attachment that can be imported by other chess applications.

If you login (from the menu in the top-left corner), the app can save the emails you use and suggest them for future games, making new games convenient to start.

To allow for variations of the rules of draw , this game only enforces stalemate as a draw condition. For all other draw conditions, a player can request a draw, and the opponent can either accept or deny the draw.

This app cannot prevent a player from making a move, resigning, or accepting a draw on either player's behalf. Anyone with the private game link sent in the emails can make the next move. So, play fair and don't make a move for your opponent, unless you have their permission.

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